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  • Magnet wire insulation: (200° C)
  • Maximum continous current 1.8A (at 12V) 0.9A (at 24V)
  • Ambient temperature: -40 to 50° C [-40 to 122° F]
  • Diodes are available; contact your Comatrol representative.
  • Environmental protection:IP69K (DE and L connectors), IP67 (AJ and AS connectors) IP65 (all other connectors)

Electrical Specifications





D14E_35W_coil_AMP_code_AJ_AS_new.jpg  D14E_35W_coil_Deutsch_code_DE_DN_new.jpg  D14E_35W_coil_Lead_Wire_code_FL_new.jpg



Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (D14(35W) Catalog PG.pdf)D14(35W) Catalog PG.pdf175 kB04-28-2015


Performance Curve

  • Duty cycle rating: 100% at 115% of rated voltage at 40° [104° F]
  • Magnet wire insulation: (200° C)
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to 40° C
    [-4 to 104° F]
  • Environmental protection rating: 
    IP69K: AS, DE, FL and M3
  • Input voltage tolerance: 85% to 115% of rated voltage
  • Optional bi-directional transient voltage suppression diodes:  Non polarity dependent, 51 volt nominal breakdown voltage
  • Weight: 0.34 kg [0.75 lb]


Electrical Specifications





 H16_coil_Amp_SuperSeal_Code_AS_correct_color.jpg H16_coil_Amp_SuperSeal_Code_ASDB_correct_color.jpg  H16_coil_Deutsch_Code_DE_correct_color.jpg
H16_coil_Deutsch_Code_DEDB_correct_color.jpg H16_coil_Lead_wire_Code_FL_correct_color.jpg  H16_coil_Lead_wire_Code_FLDB_correct_color.jpg




Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (H16 Catalog PG.pdf)H16 Catalog PG.pdf386 kB04-28-2015




Performance Curve


  • Magnet wire insulation: (200° C)
  • Duty cycle rating: 100%
  • Maximum continuous current 1.8 A (at 12 V) 0.9 A (at 24 V)
  • Ambient temperature range: -20 to 40° C [-4 to 104° F]
  • Environmental protection:IP69K (DE connector), IP65 (all other connectors)
  • Weight: 0.37 kg [0.82 lb]
  • Used primarily on proportional valves

Electrical Specifications

M19PDEwithchart_terminal.jpg M19PDNwithchart_terminal.jpg  
M19PFLwithchart_terminal.jpg M19PAJwithchart_terminal.jpg  


Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (M19P 3D STP file.zip)M19P 3D STP file.zip31 kB04-28-2015
Download this file (M19P Catalog PG.pdf)M19P Catalog PG.pdf172 kB04-28-2015



Performance Curve


  • Duty cycle: 100% at 133% of rated voltage and 70°C [158°F]
  • Magnet wire insulation: (200°C)
  • Ambient temperature range: -40 to +70 °C [-40 to 158 °F]
  • Environmental rating: IP69K: AS, DE, FL and M3
  • Input voltage range: 75% to 133% of rated voltage
  • Optional bi-directional transient voltage suppression diodes: Non polarity dependent, 51 volt nominal breakdownvoltage
  • Weight: 0.34 kg [0.75 lb]




Electrical Specifications








R16_code_AS_terminal.jpg R16_code_ASDB_terminal.jpg R16_code_DE_terminal.jpg
R16_code_DEDB_terminal.jpg R16_code_FL_terminal.jpg R16_code_FLDB_terminal.jpg
R16_code_M3_terminal.jpg R16_code_M3DB_terminal.jpg  


Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (R16 3D STP file.zip)R16 3D STP file.zip839 kB04-28-2015
Download this file (R16 Catalog PG.pdf)R16 Catalog PG.pdf258 kB04-28-2015

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