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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves

All SV and SVP valves may be ordered with a robust coil option. The robust coil option uses a steel nut and does not use O-rings on the top and bottom of the coil. The standard coil option uses a plastic nut with one O-ring on the top of the coil and one O-ring on the bottom of the coil.




Comatrol solenoid valves are tested and qualified to 1 million duty cycles according to NFPA T2.6.1 standards. A portion of our solenoid valve line has been qualified at 315 bar, but at a reduced operational life. Cycles are intended as the number of times the product is exposed to rated pressure at the defined port(s). The operational life at the higher pressure (315 bar) varies by valve model and is identified in the Applications statement on each valve page. Contact your Comatrol product application engineer to verify that the expected service life meets your operational requirements.


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