Comatrol Introduces SV10 Solenoid Valves
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Three New Circuit Solutions for 10 Size Solenoids

Easley, South Carolina, USA
August 30, 2012

Comatrol—a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of engineered hydraulic cartridge valves and HICs—introduces three new SV10 Solenoid Valves: SV10-34-14, SV10-24-06 and SV10-24-02. The updated family includes a new float feature on two of the valves, providing circuit designers a new function for cylinder float control. The addition of these valves further enhance Comatrol’s solenoid valve portfolio, providing designers with more options for circuit flexibility and functionality for vehicle designs.

“These new solenoid valves offer our customers the ability to make float circuits like height control or fourth position float,” said Stephen Cromer, Manager, Sales & HIC Engineering (Americas). “The 3-position, 4-way SV10-34-14 can provide height control on applications like street sweepers (broom), windrowers (header) or agricultural harvesters (header). The valve center position holds the function up, the second position to lower the function and the third position for float.”

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Cromer continues, “This float functionality allows the broom or header to “float” on the ground as the function sweeps or harvests, allowing it to follow the contour of the street or ground. Apply with a pressure reducing valve to support the load when not in the float position.”

Physically, the float position connects both ends of the cylinder (or motor) to tank. Float-center is a common schematic for 3-position, 4-way valves, but the unique thing with these valves is you need to energize the valve to go to the float position. The SV10-24-06 is a 2-position, 4-way with float in the shifted position. Apply in parallel with an SV10-34-02 (or equivalent schematic) to create a fourth position float circuit, it becomes a third coil to energize to apply float, connecting both of the ports of the cylinder or motor to tank. Example circuit schematics are available on the individual catalog pages for each valve.

The third valve, the SV10-24-02, is a 2-position, 4-way with normally closed schematic.  When energized, the pressure port is connected to one side of the cylinder or motor, while the other is connected to tank. This valve is a welcome addition to any circuit designer’s toolbox with its numerous potential applications, including controlling a unidirectional motor. With the addition of this 10 size valve, designers may now choose from 08, 10 or 15 size valves for this schematic.

Rated pressure for these valves is 230 bar (3335 psi) with rated flows from 17-24 LPM (4.8–6.3 GPM), depending on which schematic is selected.

For the SV10-34-14 valve, use the optional 500 micron inlet screen to protect the system from large particles.  For all three SV10 valves, select the robust coil for those extreme environmental conditions – high temperature, shock & vibration, chemicals, and/or water ingression.  Designers may also select AC coils and optional bidirectional diodes as needed.

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