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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves

dcv-groupDirectional valves are either manually or hydraulically actuated spools.

Manually-actuated valves are available as 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way valves, and are used either for flow or direction control.


dcv-hydraulically-actuatedHydraulically-actuated spool valves are available as 2-way (normally-open or normally-closed), 3-way, and 4-way valves, and are used for direction control.  These are all 2-position valves that are spring-biased to a neutral position and use 3-10 bar [40-150 psi] hydraulic pressure to shift the spool.






Common applications include:

Directional control valves for high flow with pilot pressure
controlled by solenoid valves.

Bypass valves for flow dividers in vehicle traction circuits.

 dcv-pilot-operated-bypass-valves  dcv-pilot-operated-pf-circuit

A hydraulically-actuated spool valve (CP712‑7) is also available to create an infinitely variable orifice that is controlled by pilot pressure. This valve is typically used in a circuit with a proportional pressure reducing valve (e.g. CP558‑24) and a pressure compensator (e.g. CP312‑4). Such a circuit creates a pressure-compensated proportional flow control for flows too large for direct-acting proportional valves. 


1. Install cartridge.
2. Place locating pin in the hole in the block.
3. Install detent plate over the cartridge stem and locating pin.
4. Place the main spring over the cartridge stem.
5. Install the collet into the cap.
6. Place the detent spring and detent pin into cap and install cap over the assembly as shown.
7. Place the lock nut and torque as shown.
8. Thread handle or knob into cap.



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