DV15-P5-24-05 Directional Control Valve
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The DV15-P5-24-05 is a normally-open, 5-ported piloted directional control valve, 2-position, 4-way, 15-size.    It is shifted by applying a pilot pressure to port 5. In the normal position, flow is allowed between ports 3 and 2, and ports 4 to 1.   During transition, the flow patterns remain the same.  When the spool is fully shifted, all four ports are closed.





Use this valve for applications including on-off control of uni-directional motors. The valve can be piloted with many 2-way valves including solenoid, sequence, relief or manual valves with the internal pilot drain orifice option.  Alternatively, it can also be piloted with a 2-position, 3-way solenoid valve using the internal pilot drain plug option.





Rated Presssure* 230 bar [3335 psi]*
Rated flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]

70 l/min
[18.4 US gal/min]

Maximum Rated Flow

80 l/min
[21.1 US gal/min]

Minimum pilot pressure 2 bar [29 psi]
Weight 0.44 kg [0.95 lb]
Cavity NCS12/5

* Rated Pressure based on NFPA fatigue test standards (at 1 Million Cycles).





Performance Curves




Example Circuits

  f_670_300_16777215_00_images_directional-control-valves_DV15-P5-24-05_dv15-p5-24-05_circuits.jpg  f_670_300_16777215_00_images_directional-control-valves_DV15-P5-24-05_dv15-p5-24-05_unidirc_circuits.jpg


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