HLEA10-CVO High Pressure Logic Elements
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The HLEA10-CVO is a 10-size, high pressure, normally closed, vent-to-open, spring-biased differential-sensing logic element that includes an adjustable compensator feature. It will modulate flow from 1 to 2 based on the spring control pressure, inlet pressure at port 1, and pilot pressure at port 3.





Common applications include: pump unloading, pilot-operated relief valve (mechanical or proportional), sequence valve and selector circuit. The adjustability of the HLEA10 allows the operator to change the compensator setting of the logic element, ranging from 2.75 to 15.2 bar (40 to 220 psi). This is especially helpful when fine tuning the applications, providing flexibility to the operator and allowing for machine optimization






Rated Presssure*

350 bar [5075 psi]*

Rated flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]

80 l/min
[21 US gal/min]


0.29 kg [0.64 lb]

Cavity SDC10-3S
*Rated Pressure based on NFPA fatigue test standards (at 1 Million Cycles).



Performance Curve




 HLEA10-CVO dimensions 3-2015


Example Circuit


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Download this file (HLEA10-CVO Catalog PG.pdf)HLEA10-CVO Catalog PG.pdf1344 kB04-22-2015
Download this file (HLEA10-CVO.zip)HLEA10-CVO - 3D step file71 kB05-19-2016

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