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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves


Load Shuttle Valveload-shuttle-valves

A load shuttle valve communicates the higher of two inlet pressures at 1 and 3 to the outlet at 2. A steel ball is used to seal the lower pressure. Load shuttles have several common applications including:

  • Logic for load sensing circuits
  • Bi-directional motor brake release valve

load-sensing-circuit bi-directional-motor-brake-release-valve

Hot Oil Shuttle Valve

Hot oil shuttles are spool-type valves that use internal piloting at 2 and 4 to direct oil from the lower of the two input pressures to the outlet at 3.  A common application for a hot oil shuttle is diverting fluid from the low pressure side of a closed-circuit hydrostatic loop for cooling and/or filtering.

closed-circuit-hydrostatic-loop hot-oil-shuttle-valve

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