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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves

Solenoid valves are electrically-operated, on-off poppet or spool-type valves for load holding, blocking, or directional control applications



Comatrol solenoid valves are PLUS+1™ compliant. PLUS+1 compliance means our valves are directly compatible with the PLUS+1 machine control architecture. Adding solenoid valves to your application using PLUS+1 GUIDE software is as easy as drag-and-drop.  Software development that used to take months can now be done in just a few hours.  For more information on PLUS+1 GUIDE, visit www.comatrol.com or www.sauer-danfoss.com/plus1. The table below details available GUIDE function blocks for controlling Comatrol solenoid valves.

GUIDE function blocks

On-off 10106088
On-off-on 10106102


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