Traction Control HICs
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You’ll appreciate the strong traction control our HIC (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) provides on vehicles where one pump drives multiple motors. Once actuated, the HIC delivers equal flow to the motors, preventing wheel spin and excessive motor speed.

We offer flow and pressure capabilities of 45-150 l/min [12-40 US gal/min] and up to 230 bar [3,300 psi], respectively.

 Schematic Model  Flow  Pressure
X05-FD10 schematic X05-FD10 45 lpm
[12 gpm]
207 bar
[3000 psi]
X05-FD16 schematic X05-FD16 150 lpm
[40 gpm]
350 bar
[5075 psi]
X05-FD104 schematic X05-FD104 45 lpm
[12 gpm]
207 bar
[3000 psi]
Product Documents and Downloads
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