DCV05 Solenoid Valves
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DCV 05 directional control valves consist of: housing (1), control spool (5), centering springs (4), and operating solenoids (2, 3).

The three-position directional valves have two solenoids and two springs. The two position directional valves have one solenoid and one return spring.

The operating solenoids are DC and are supplied through connectors A and B (6, 7). For AC supply, the solenoids are provided with rectifiers integrated directly into the coil.

The connectors must be ordered separately. By loosening nut (8), the solenoid can be rotated in four positions 90° apart.

Provided that the pressure in T-port does not exceed 360 psi [25 bar], the valve can be actuated by manual override (9).

The valve housing (1) is phosphate coated. The operating solenoids (2, 3) are zinc coated.








  • 3 position, 4-way and 2 position, 4-way directional valves
  • Solenoids can be fixed in three positions 90° apart
  • Push button manual override
  • Installation dimensions to DIN 24340 and ISO 4401


Part Numbers (See Ordering Information document below for configuration options)

DCV05-2C11, DCV05-2K11, DCV05-2R11, DCV05-2R21, DCV05-2X11, DCV05-2X25, DCV05-2Y51, DCV05-2Z11, DCV05-2Z51, DCV05-3B11, DCV05-3C11, DCV05-3H11, DCV05-3Y11, DCV05-3Z11


Ordering Information

Technical Information Characteristics
DCV05 Page 03 DCV05 Page 04 DCV05 Page 05

Terminal Options

Connector/Manual Override  Dimensions
DCV05 Page 06 DCV05 Page 07  DCV05 Page 08 
Replacement Parts Replacement Parts  
DCV05 Page 09 DCV05 Page 10  


Legacy Part Numbers: DCV05-2A51, DCV05-2B51, DCV05-2C51, DCV05-2H11, DCV05-2H51, DCV05-2J15, DCV05-2J75, DCV05-2M21, DCV05-2P51, DCV05-3C21, DCV05-3L21, DCV05-3P11

Product Documents and Downloads
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