RFDE-80-PRV Fan Drive HIC
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This HIC regulates fan speed by controlling pressure drop across the fan motor. It operates in a normally closed configuration in the absence of an electrical signal. The HIC reverses flow to the fan motor to reverse fan direction. It includes a DV15-P5-FD open transition spool valve to reduce pressure spikes during reversals. Internal and external piloting options are available. This HICs trims the maximum motor torque by absorbing pressure spikes at the work ports. An anti-cavitation feature allows additional flow to the motor when the motor over-runs the pump.




This HIC includes an integrated proportional relief valve to modulate fan speed in circuits using a fixed pump. It can also be used for fan reversal. Use this HIC for mobile equipment such as wheel loaders for purging (de-clogging) coolers and radiators to prevent overheating and increase cooling system efficiency. A drain port is included for motor case drain.






Rated Presssure 210 bar [3045 psi]
Flow Range
20 - 80 l/min
[5.3 - 21.1
US gal/min]
Weight 4.0 kg [9.0 lb]
Valves DV15-P5-24-FD,
Minimum Shift Pressure
2 bar [29 psi]
Robust Coil (Standard) R13 16 Watt (IP69K)
Diode (Optional)
Bi-directional (Not available
with PRV10-IS2)
f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-80-PRV_internal_pilot_schematic.png f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-80-PRV_external_pilot_schematic.png


Performance Curve

f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-40-PRVpressdrop_performance.png f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-40-PRVpresscurrent_performance.png f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-40-PRVreliefflow_performance.png




Example Circuits

f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-80-PRV_internal_pilot_circuit.png  f_250_250_16777215_00_images_fan-drive-hics_RFDE-80-PRV_RFDE-80-PRV_external_pilot_circuit.png


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