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Coil Updates Include Bi-Directional Diodes and M3 Connector

 The Comatrol Robust Coils were originally introduced to the market in 2006 under the Sauer-Danfoss brand.  Now, 6 years later under the Comatrol brand, the company is re-introducing the product and has added new bi-directional diodes and the M3 connector.  Since the introduction, Robust Coils have proven to exceed the requirements of our major customers and their toughest applications, with over 500,000 in the field.  The need for Robust Coils continues to grow as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are constantly challenged to apply electro-hydraulic components in more extreme environments, such as near hot engine compartments. 

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One of the key benefits of the Robust Coil is that it will help OEMs increase service intervals and overall machine life. Some valve coils currently available on the market may fail when exposed to over-voltage, excessive heat, or water for extended periods of time. This is not the case with the Comatrol Robust Coils. Specifically designed for the harsh off-highway environment, they tolerate very high temperatures and voltage extremes. The coils also withstand fluid ingression due to power spray or submersion in water, mud, or snow.

The Robust Coil family includes four frame sizes - R13, R16, M19P & D14E - providing Robust Coil options for over 75% of Comatrol solenoid and proportional cartridge valves. They are available on 100% of the 08, 09 and 10 size solenoid valves with the R13 & R16.  The M19P and D14E Robust Coils are the standard coils used on over 82% of Comatrol proportional flow controls, proportional pressure relieving & proportional pressure reducing valves. While the original definition of Robust Coils were only the R13 and R16 coils,  the existing M19P and D14E coils were also tested alongside the R13 and R16, and passed the Robust Coil extreme test requirements, thus becoming part of the Robust Coil family.

The R13 and R16 coils are designed with a protective layer of encapsulated plastic with a solid metal frame around it. A special molding technique prevents moisture build-up while the plastic is applied; and because the metal cover is placed outside the plastic, the coil resists even dramatic temperature changes. The design process results in a very high level of chemical and environmental resistance. An O-ring seal, for example, is unnecessary. Also, the coil has passed a range of environmental tests, including a high-pressure spray test, a shock and vibration test, a thermal shock and dunk test, a salt fog test, a chemical spray test, and a combined temperature, humidity, and voltage test. The coils have an IP69K environmental protection rating and a -40°C to +71°+C [-40° F to 160°F] ambient temperature rating for continuous duty operation.

Finally, the input voltage tolerance spans from 75 % to 133 % of nominal. Ideal applications include asphalt machinery, agricultural equipment with chemical and power wash exposure, and snow plows and salt spreading machines.

“Designing this coil, we wanted to target applications that operate under conditions that are particularly demanding for the components,” says Tim Borsum, Product Marketing Manager. “Some agricultural and road maintenance applications experience down-time because the components used are not always designed to handle exposure to water, chemicals, excessive temperatures, continuous vibrations and so on. For the OEM or end-user, though, down-time is down-time. It costs money no matter what the reason. Our coil may not be the most noticeable part of an application, but it does a very important job. It helps prevent vehicle down-time, thereby saving time and money for OEMs and end-users alike.”

Featuring a very compact design, the Robust Coils are smaller than most competing products, thereby leaving more space for other components on the application. The compact design makes it possible to fit the cartridge valves closer together in the vehicle HIC (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) block(s). Specifically, the manifold length reduced by 7 mm (0.28”) per valve compared to other manufacturer’s coils when valves are side by side.  For the OEM, this means reduced installation time and added design flexibility. The coil is available with four different electrical connectors – Deutsch DT04-2P (DE), Amp SuperSeal 1.5 (AS), 18” lead wires (FL) and the new connector Metri-Pack 150 Type 2 (M3). All connectors are now available with optional integral bi-directional diodes (previously only uni-directional) and the finished coils are color-coded for easy voltage identification.

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