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The VCB06-EN is a cartridge style, 6-size metric counterbalance valve with hydraulic vent. This valve is 3-ported, externally piloted and low leakage. The check section allows free flow from the directional valve (port 2) to the load (port 3). Reverse flow is blocked until pilot pressure is applied at port 1. When the load pressure at port 3 rises above the pressure setting, the integral relief valve is activated and pressure is relieved from port 3 to port 2.





Single counterbalance valves are normally used when the load is unidirectional, such as aerial lifts, cranes, or winches. In load holding applications, they can be used as hose-break valves when installed near or within an actuator. Dual cartridges can be used for controlling loads bi-directionally in motor applications, or for cylinders going over center. Since this valve is piloted at port 1, no cross port drilling is required when dual cartridges are mounted nose to nose in an HIC.






Rated Pressure   350 bar [5075 psi]
Rated flow at 22bar
[319 psi]  
  60 l/min
[16 US gal/min]
Leakage   10 drops/min @
70% crack pressure  
Weight   0.21 kg
[0.47 lb]
Pilot Ratio   4.1:1, 7.1:1
Cavity   NCS06-3


Performance Curve 




Example Circuits


f_670_300_16777215_00_images_counterbalance-valves_VCB06-EN_VCB06-EN_ec1.jpg   f_670_300_16777215_00_images_counterbalance-valves_VCB06-EN_VCB06-EN_ec2.jpg  

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