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comatrol hydraulic cartridge valves

Everything we do is driven by our customers –
their need for quality, innovation and speed to market.

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Delivering a portfolio of innovative and affordable Cartridge Valves and Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs)  that are valued by you –
our customers.

We recognize for you it’s…

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  • We have created a culture of  responsiveness throughout our organization.
  • We have the technical depth to provide fast and innovative solutions
  • We take decisions and act on them -- action is in our DNA
  • There is a positive energy in our attitude and our outcomes
  • There is an immediacy in our approach that is respected by our customers


Our focus on creating a strong web presense and providing our distributors with the tools they need enhances the Comatrol experience and amplifies our ability to be repsonsive to the end customer.




Speed to Market

Competencies that win the day

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Our Products

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