PPR09-POD Proportional Valve
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Proportional Pressure Reducing / Relieving Valve, Pilot Operated, Normally Open to Drain.  With no current to the coil, the  “reduced pressure” (port 3) is connected to drain (port 4), while blocking the inlet (port 2).  As current is increased to the coil, inlet (port 2) is connected to “reduced pressure” (port 3), proportionally increasing the “reduced pressure” as shown on the performance curve(s).  If the “reduced pressure” exceeds the setting induced by the coil, pressure is relieved to drain (port 4).  This 09 Series valve uses a 10 size cavity with an 08 size tube and coil, providing an optimal product for high flow and low pressure, while minimizing pressure drop in the system.  This valve was formerly branded as XRP 044.





Common applications include low-pressure proportional pilot control of clutches or hydraulically piloting large directional spool valves.  Refer to example circuits.  Use the optional screen to help protect the actuator from large particles.  Select the robust coil for those extreme environmental conditions – voltage extremes, high temperature, shock & vibration, chemicals, and/or water ingression.

Note: For optimal performance install with the solenoid valve below the tank oil level in the horizontal position, reducing the chance for trapped air in the valve. 






Rated Pressure 50 bar
[725 psi]
Rated flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]
25 l/min
[7 US gal/min]
Weight including coil 0.34 kg [0.75 lb]
Hysteresis 6% maximum
Threshold current

0.15 A
(12 VDC coil)
0.08 A
(24 VDC coil)

Maximum control current

1.2 A
(12 VDC coil)
0.6 A
(24 VDC coil)

Cavity SDC10-4
Standard coil M13 20 Watt
Robust Coil

R13 16 Watt
Robust Nut P/N 173800539
No coil O-rings needed.





Performance Curve 

f_250_250_16777215_00_images_proportional-valves_pressure-reducing_PPR09-POD_PPR09-POD_performance3.jpg f_250_250_16777215_00_images_proportional-valves_pressure-reducing_PPR09-POD_PPR09-POD_performance1.jpg f_250_250_16777215_00_images_proportional-valves_pressure-reducing_PPR09-POD_PPR09-POD_performance2.jpg

Example Circuit


 f_250_250_16777215_00_images_proportional-valves_pressure-reducing_PPR09-POD_PPR09-POD_circuit1.jpg f_250_250_16777215_00_images_proportional-valves_pressure-reducing_PPR09-POD_PPR09-POD_circuit2.jpg



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Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (PPR09-POD 3D STP file.zip)PPR09-POD 3D STP file.zip84 kB04-15-2014
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