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Off-highway mobile machinery OEMs and distributors can choose from six pre-engineered Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs) designed to provide speed control and reversing for hydraulic modulating fan drive motors in open circuit hydraulic fan drive systems. The program includes:

fan-drive-circuit-1 40, 80, and 120 LPM Frame Sizes
• Variable piston pump or fixed pump circuits
• Over-Pressure Protection / Anti-Cavitation is standard
• Viton O-rings are standard

Family of Fan Drive HICs


  • Proportional Fan Speed Control:
    - Electronically match fan speed with cooling demand
    - Conserve engine power and fuel for the majority of operating conditions - as compared to non-proportional systems
  • Increased design flexibility:
    - The compact HIC valve can be placed in the most suitable location on the machine
    - Minimize fan system pressure losses when choosing the optimal fan drive HIC size for the application
    - Internal and external reversing pilot options available (40 LPM & 80 LPM )
    - Drain port included on all models for motor case drain
    - Robust IP69K Deutsch coil options available for all three sizes
  • Increased productivity:
    - Fan is reversible to purge (de-clog) coolers and radiators
    - Prevents overheating with purged cooler
    - More power available for useful work when radiator is not clogged
  • Reversing function allows you to:
    - Purge (declog) coolers and radiators
    - Prevent overheating
  • fan-drive-circuit-2Automatic cleaning sequence programmed using PLUS+1™:
    - Manual or Automatic activation


  • Proportional relief valve:
    - Regulates fan speed by controlling pressure drop across fan motor
    - Normally closed to ensure full fan speed in the absence of electrical signal
    - PLUS+1® compliant
  • Piloted directional control valve:
    - Reverses flow to the fan motor to reverse fan direction
    - Open transition spool reduces pressure spikes during reversals
    - Sized to minimize parasitic losses due to pressure drop
  • Dual shock valve with anti-cavitation checks:
    - Trims the maximum motor torque by absorbing pressure spikes (shock effects) at the work ports
    - Anti-cavitation feature allows additional flow to the motor through the tank port when motor overruns the pump
    - PVLP shock valves (from PVG) allow for a compact design
  • Custom designs available upon request


Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (14-FD_Fan_Drive_HICs_Catalog.pdf)Fan Drive HIC's Catalog1806 kB09-28-2015

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