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PFD10-OD: Proportional Flow Divider, 10 Size, Normally Open, Divider
This is a proportional, compensated, normally open, flow dividing, preengineered HIC. When there is no current applied to the coils, the inlet flow is divided equally between ports A and B. As an example, if inlet flow is 40 LPM, the flow out Ports A and B will divide equally 20 LPM. The performance curve below shows input flow examples of 40, 20 and 10 LPM. Minimum inlet flow is 10 LPM (2.6 GPM).

The flow ratio between ports A and B will proportionally vary as current is provided to coils S1 or S2. As current increases to coil S2, the flow to Port B will proportionally increase, while Port A decreases, as shown in the graph.  Inversely, as current increases to coil S1, the flow to Port A will proportionally increase, while Port B decreases.

Note that this is not a combiner, the flow only exits Ports A and B. Connect the drain port DR to tank, limiting the pressure on this port to 50 bar (720 psi).





Proportionally divide the input flow between two motors or hydraulic circuits (like HICs). Circuits that can take advantage of this pre-engineered HIC include any function where the motors or the HICs continuously require flow, and you only need to proportionally manage the amount of flow between them. Achieve repeatable, load independent flow dividing with the built-in pressure compensator. See performance curve below for compensation capabilities.

Note: For optimal performance, install with the solenoid valve in the horizontal position, reducing the chance for trapped air in the valve. 


Rated Presssure 210 bar [3000 psi]
Max regulated flow 60 l/min [16 US gal/min]
Max inlet flow 95 l/min [25 US gal/min]
Weight 1.00 kg [2.20 lb]
Cavity none
PFD10-OD schematic
PFD10-OD schematic



PFD10-OD dimensions
PFD10-OD dimensions


Ordering Information

PFD10-OD ordering
PFD10-OD ordering

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